Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Risperdal = Male breast + Milk production?

While watching television of late, I've noticed a great deal of commercials from law offices that are looking for men/boys who took Risperdal and have grown male breast. The medical term is Gynecomastia. Over a decade ago I was prescribed Risperdal for my Paranoid Schizophrenia symptoms and that had me thinking. Well, not so much thinking because it made me take action. I'm not in the greatest shape and I don't have a well defined chest, so does that mean I have male breast or just a case of man boobs? There's also a secondary condition called Galactorrhea which causes milk
production in men/boys. I'm not about to squeeze my nipples in order to find out I can produce milk. I really can't remember the side effects of Risperdal. I know I took it for several years along with Prozac, Depakote, and Attivan. The drug combination wasn't as effective as the drug cocktail I'm taking now. I currently take Seroquel, Prozac, and Attivan. The Seroquel is a wonder drug to me. I can't remember the last time I've had a full nights sleep. It also helps eliminate the auditory hallucinations. However, I wouldn't say its cured me. I'm not sure there is a cure to be found.
So, the next I see a commercial from law offices looking for men/boys who have grown breast, I'll look down my t shirt and wonder.

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