Monday, February 16, 2015

Time travel doesn't cause mental illness, or does it?

I've read somewhere that the onset of Paranoid Schizophrenia is likely between the ages of 16 and 25. It isn't that you can't get the illness before or after that age range but it's more than likely than not. I've seen a cable show where this very young girl named Jani Schofield was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. I know that when I was around the age of sixteen, I was already having frequent auditory hallucinations. They ranged from conversations I would hear at night that seemed directed toward me. The voices I heard sometimes where outright angry in tone. For instance, they would tell me that I didn't deserve to live or that I was a burden that should be put away in a hospital forever. I can even remember being around the age of six telling my mother that I would see ghost at night. She often shrugged it off as a kid with a vivid imagination. The truth is, I feared the night. One such night, I was laying in my top bunk bed with my older sister asleep on the bottom. I didn't know what woke me but as I rubbed my eyes and looked toward my walk in closet I saw a ghost like gray figure of a man. The man slowly walked toward my bunk bed with a blank stare on his face. I was beyond scared and started to whisper to my sister, for she could wake up. unfortunately, my sister was out like a light. As the ghost like man approached me, I began to notice what he was wearing and I had a very good look at his face. He was wearing a striped dress shirt with suspenders, as if he was dressed for a white color job. I didn't recognize is face as he approached the bunk bed but he quickly was at eye level with me as I laid in bed. The next thing I knew he was waving his hand across my face. He saw that my eyes were open and I was in extreme terror but he still waved his hand across my face about three times. I got a really good look at his face but I didn't recognize him. He slowly turned around and started walking away toward my bedroom wall and disappeared. I quickly got up and raced into my mom and dad's bed. The next morning I told my mother what I saw and of course, she said it was just a dream. The odd thing about the whole experience with that ghostly figure is that I can now say that I know who he was. The ghost I saw that night was me or someone who now looks like me. As I age, I'm starting to resemble the ghostly man who came out of my walk in closet that frightful night. How can I explain it? The truth is, I can't. Maybe in the future I'll be a time traveler? I really don't have answer for what happened that night.

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