Monday, March 2, 2015

Living out a nightmare.

I sometimes think I'm living out a nightmare. I also think some people don't remember the truth in order to be able to go on with their lives. I can't have a vivid memory of some event that took place and be subject of doubt because of my illness. Schizophrenia doesn't make you a liar but from my experience, it gives a lot of people the licence to be uncertain about whatever comes from your mouth. I've been put in the position where I've seen people who I love give me questioning looks because they automatically believe mental illness makes you a fibber. There's really no winning because if you go out of your way to press the issue and urge people to believe you, it comes across as desperate. It makes people who are inclined to manipulate and hurt you emotionally, as well as physically, the green light to victimize you. I've had my life toiled with and marginalized because Paranoid Schizophrenia is an illness with a bad connotation. So, through spider web and auditory hallucinations, I traverse this unpleasant dream.

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My dying car...

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