Saturday, April 18, 2015

The ghost of the sad man.

At an early age I saw what only can be described as ghost. I know that Paranoid Schizophrenia rarely, if ever, manifests itself at an early age but I can say without a doubt I saw ghost. I can remember one such incident when I was about five years old and it was the dead of night. I was sleeping on the top bunk bed, while my older sister slept on the bottom. I don't know what woke me up but for some reason I opened my eyes and I immediately saw a grayish figure walking toward me. I was in absolute horror as I watched what appeared to be a middle aged man walking toward my bed. I turned my head toward the wall in fear and started to whisper my sister's name in hopes that she would wake up. As I turned back I caught a very good view of the man. He was well dressed and wore suspenders. He wore a mustache and he starred directly into my eyes. His eyes looked deeply sad, as if he was upset. When he finally reached my bed and was at eye level, he raised his hand and waved it across my face. In hopes of tricking him, I shut my eyes as he did this but I could tell he was absolutely aware that I was awake. For what seemed like forever, he looked into my eyes and then he turned around and started to walk away. In truth, his stare down was only for a few seconds but it felt like it wouldn't end. The grayish figure of the man slowly walked toward the other side of my room and vanished. I quickly ran down my bunk bed ladder and straight to my mother and father's bed. I didn't wake them or attempt to tell them what I saw. I just squeezed between them and hid my face under the covers. Surely, this was just a dream but deep down I knew it wasn't and I knew what I saw. The eerie and the most disconcerting fact about the whole incident was only made clear years later. As I grew older and thought about what took place that night, I came to a startling conclusion. The grayish ghost of a man that visited me that night was in fact, me! As I aged, I started to resemble the man. So much so that when I looked in the mirror and caught my reflection one day, I saw myself and the ghost of the man who visited me that night were practically carbon copies. What could it mean? If I visited myself as a ghost from the future, for what purpose would it serve? The only thing I felt the ghost conveyed to me that night was a great amount of sadness. Then I thought, he knew my eyes were open when he waved his hand across my face, so maybe it was not in order to see if I was awake. Maybe it was something else and I need to figure what that something else is? I thought about my visitation with the ghost that looked like me, only older for many years and part of me thinks it was a message from my future self. My future self was a sad man and I have to change that somehow. Ghost, as far as I'm concerned, are as real as anything and I've seen a few.

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