Monday, May 11, 2015

Gimmie Shelter.

After yesterday, I wanted to get outside today and clear my head but I don't make it a habit of going anywhere, especially of late. The reason I don't get out much is that I get so used to being in doors, the thought of venturing outside makes me nervous. I think the nerves and the anxiety that I suffer from are direct symptoms of my Paranoid Schizophrenia. Plus, my poor excuse for a car is in need of major repairs and I don't like driving it in less there's a good reason. As I drove around in my car, I didn't have any idea where I was headed. And it wasn't like I could drive to my friend's house because a friend is something I don't have at the moment. After spending about a half an hour of driving aimlessly through my neighborhood, I ended up at a local park. I walked around and made my way to the shade of a tree. I sat down and just started thinking about my life and how much I missed my son. It's time like this that I wish I had a friend. As I sat under the tree I picked up my Ipod and decided to write a poem in the notes section. A poem that was rather simple but said a great deal about how I felt at the moment.

"Cool wind blowing in my face.
 Cool wind taking me to my place.
 Easy time,
 No Deadline.
 Going with a friend of mine.
 Until the end of time."

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