Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remembering Joan Fontaine.

Starting when I was very young, I fell in love with old black and white classic films. I use to stay up late and watch many old films on cable, even though I should have been asleep. I'd watch everything from a classic film to a "B" movie with lesser known stars. One female star in particular grabbed my attention and I developed a big crush on her. The name of the actress is Joan Fontaine and I became so enamored with her that I even bought her autobiography, "No Bed of Roses." There was something special about her and every time I saw her act in one of her films, I had a smile from ear to ear. I'd watch her very early films like, "Music For Madame" "The Man Who Found Himself" and "Maid's Night Out" over and over because they were about sixty minutes in length and very enjoyable to watch. Of course, she is better known for films such as, "Susipcion" and "Rebecca." The latter for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. As a young man, I wished I grew up when her films were released because then I would be able to see her on the big screen. One Summer vacation I got the idea to write Mrs. Fontaine and ask for her autograph but I didn't know her mailing address. However, I remember reading an article about her and how she made Carmel, California her home, so I just put her name on an envelope followed by Carmel, CA and hoped for the best. I also included, in the envelope, a short poem I wrote her. The poem itself was kind of corny but I wanted to get her attention and hopefully a response. Well, a few months passed and I received the self addressed stamped envelope I sent her. Inside was an autograph picture and a very sweet note.

In my mind, she was as wonderful as I thought and in the coming years I would send a yearly birthday card. She would always respond with a short but kind note. Sadly, Joan Fontaine passed away a couple of years back but she'll be sorely missed by me and I'm sure a number of classic movie fans. I still love old films and watch them religiously because they never get too old for me.

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