Monday, October 12, 2015

Instead of Project Semicolon, how about Project Exclamation Point!

Project semicolon was supposedly created to give hope and love to people who suffer from depression, suicide, addiction and self injury. A semicolon because it represents that ones life or their story isn't over. What punctuation mark represents people who suffer from mental illness, like Paranoid Schizophrenia? Maybe a exclamation point is fitting because people who suffer from debilitating mental illness need help! Yes, we need help! How about project Exclamation Point?! We can be a group of people who believe that we need to scream from the roof tops and shout with a loud voice, just in order to be heard. Otherwise, we are destined to be marginalized and kept from public view. Will this make the world better a better place for people who suffer from the various mental illnesses out there? Probably not, but it will give us something we don't have...a voice.

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