Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Project Exclamation Point!" Founded October 14, 2015...

Well, they say that change begins with you, and I'm really hoping that's true. However, I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel or find a cure for cancer. My hope is that I bring awareness to mental illness, in my particular Paranoid Schizophrenia, with my simple idea, "Project Exclamation Point!" Most people have heard of, "Project Semicolon" and their mission statement: Dedicated to presenting hope and love for those who are struggling with mental illness, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Project Semicolon exist to encourage, love, and inspire. However, my idea is not only to bring awareness to Paranoid Schizophrenia and various mental illnesses, but to give a voice to people who have none. Also, I want the use of an exclamation point, instead of a semicolon, because I want to show the urgency we need, in order to tackle and treat mental illness. Today, more than ever, people with mental illness are getting nothing but bad press and it's really disheartening because the majority of individuals who suffer from mental illness aren't violent at all. Their only concern is getting through the day and not be treated as outcast by an unsympathetic public. Also, there is a very misinformed populace when it comes to the true nature of various mental illnesses. For instance, I suffer from a sometimes very debilitating illness called Paranoid Schizophrenia but sadly, if you ask someone on the street what that means, they'll say, "That means you're crazy" or "Doesn't that mean you have multiple personalities?" How sad that people think the worse of people who suffer in silence but when a mass shooting, like the one at Umpqua Community College takes place, the call to get guns out of the hands of crazy people gets shouted from every rooftop. I wrote about how I feel the other day when it comes to the perception that the public has when it comes to the tragic mass killings taking place in our country. So, my idea for change is this, "Project Exclamation Point!"


Mission Statement: A non profit organization, myself, that wants to bring not only awareness, but spread the word that people with various mental illnesses need to be heard and given a voice. We, as a group, will no longer be marginalized or become the inevitable scapegoat for the numerous ills that plague today's society.

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