Monday, October 5, 2015

I'm not responsible for the mass shooting that took place, in Oregon, at Umpqua Community College.

So, I turn on my television this past week and learned of an another school shooting that tragically took the lives of several people at a small Oregon college. I stared at the screen for hours on end, as the horror of the days events were replayed, as well as, analyzed by various news organizations. President Obama made another call for stricter gun laws, while second amendment enthusiast felt he was politicizing the tragedy. What did I wait for? I'm not going to be coy or refrain from showing my disgust on so many levels for what eventually takes place after such a tragic event. In the end, the mantra is, "We need to take the guns away from the crazy people." When it seems like the whole entire country is adopting a more feel good attitude toward gender identity and the rights of gay individuals, they continually throw people that suffer from mental illness under the bus. Why is that? The answer isn't difficult to explain, and it sadly shows how far The United States lags behind when it comes to equal rights for all. I have suffered from mental illness for the majority of my life, and I have never had the impulse to buy a gun, or kill people indiscriminately but you wouldn't think that by watching the various news media outlets this past week. Us, "Crazy People" need to be identified and put on some a list that should displayed in every town square in The United States. We should be feared and outed by friends and family, in order to prevent future mass's the only way! The plight of most mentally ill people is difficult enough but what am I to think when I hear a well respected politician, such as, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee say, "Gun laws won't stop crazies," or similar quotes coming from people with influence and various positions of power? I'm left wondering if they really understand that lumping all people who suffer from mental illness together can led to dangerous consequences? I fear that in the end, this way of thinking will cause people with mental illness to hide in the shadows or not seek medical treatment because of the fear, and subsequent backlash from a society looking for a scapegoat. I'm quite aware that there are dangerous people in our society but a well informed public shouldn't be mislead into believing that all these mass shootings are done by people seeking help with a diseases that doesn't discriminate, like mental illness. Most people who suffer from mental health problems do their best, and sadly it's a difficult life for a lot of them. They can be your friend, family member, or next door neighbor, but most of all they should never be labeled as, "Crazy." So, it is my dream that the shunning of today's mentally ill comes to an end immediately, and we as a country find solutions that don't involve the chastising of more innocent victims.

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