Monday, January 25, 2016

David Bowie had a half brother who suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia.

A lot of people have been mourning the loss of the David Bowie, who passed a way recently, and rightfully so. He was a revolutionary musical talent and from what I've read, a overall fine human being. I can remember, as a very young teen experiencing David Bowie's music videos for the first time. Videos like, "Ashes To Ashes" and "I Am A D.J." left me memorized and wanting more. David Bowie was truly ahead of his time and will be greatly missed. However, the real reason I'm choosing to write about Mr. Bowie on my blog isn't about his talent for music. I'm writing about him because of his families well documented struggle with mental illness. In his book, "Loving the alien, Sanford wrote: Bowie’s family, on his mother’s side, was riddled with mental illness: his aunt Una had been institutionalized for depression and schizophrenia, was given electro-shock treatment and had died in her late thirties; another aunt had schizophrenic episodes; a third had been lobotomized. This apparently left David Bowie questioning his own sanity at times. He believed at the young age of 23, he had even odds of going mad.

 One particular song that David Bowie wrote called, "Jump They Say," was written about his feelings for his half brother Terry Burns, who was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. It's a very good song and if you have the time, you should give it a listen. David Bowie shared one autobiographical experience with his half brother Terry; He explained, "While they were walking to a Cream concert, Burns(His half brother) fell to the street and screamed, claiming he saw flames rising up from cracks in the pavement." I read where David Bowie explained that when Terry was describing the flames, the description by Terry made them seem very real. Unfortunately, Terry Burns later committed suicide in 1985. It's a shame that I didn't know this information about David Bowie's family until recently. I think the stigma of mental illness keeps information like this, swept under the rug. I'm hoping by bringing this story to light, as well as my own, people start realizing that there's a group in today's society, the mentally ill, that long for the help and love we all deserve.


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