Thursday, January 28, 2016

Seinfeld's "Riding in cars with a schizophrenic that's badly in need of a newer used car."

I know that Hollywood is in the business of entertainment and I'm someone who enjoys television and films more than anyone, but every time I see a car crash or an automobile destroyed in a film or tv show, I cringe. I don't feel this way because I feel the horror of automobile crashes and cars being laid to waste is too violent. No, not at all. You see, every time I see an automobile destroyed, I wish they would have given me that car instead. To be totally honest, it isn't the fancy or luxurious cars that I wished I could own, it's the older ones because there's no way I could afford the insurance and taxes on a newer vehicle. It really hits home because my current vehicle is over twenty years old and is quickly falling apart. If you hadn't notice, on every blog entry I explain why I need a newer used car. Right now I'm currently saving up my money to buy a new serpentine belt. My car was thankfully able to pass California's rigid smog check but the mechanic told me that I needed a new belt because it's falling apart. Unfortunately, I don't have the $120.00 that it would take to fix it but I'm saving my money. My car means so much to me because without it, I couldn't have visits with my son. Every time I sit in the driver side seat, I say a little prayer before I turn my key in the ignition. Last night I was watching "Seinfeld" and George Costanza's car was destroyed by an angry mob. I said to myself, "I could have used that car."

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