Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I'm Just A Shadow of Myself ~ A poem by Eric Anthony (I suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia)

Someone online recommended I use more creative methods to occupy my time. I kind of agree, and this was my attempt at poetry. I remember, as a young teenage boy, I would attempt to write deep and thought provoking poems. However, I gave it up because like most poetry, it's often only valued by the poet who writes them.

I'm Just A Shadow of Myself -

I'm just a shadow of myself.
A half empty carton of milk
that's gone bad.
Buried on a garbage heap
of forgotten dreams.
Slowly decaying into nothingness.
I once had promise.
Dreams that filled a million
pages of the book I called
my life. But for every
story I called my own, they died
...they died...and died one after another.
My mind is the enemy that laid everything
too waste. How unfair and ugly hope can
be. When all I'm left with is just a few
joyful memories and the emptiness around me.

Eric Anthony

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