Thursday, July 21, 2016

I ain't no fortunate son.

The other day I posted this picture on my Instagram:INTHECRAYON along with the following message:

"I know it doesn't look too inviting to eat, but cheeseburger in a box has been a mainstay for my diet the last few years. Living on disability along with 22 dollars of food stamps a month, makes shopping at The Dollar Tree a necessity. Eating healthy isn't cheap. I don't share this in order to gain sympathy, instead I'd like to remind some people on how fortunate they really are..."

Like I wrote, I didn't post the message to gain sympathy from people. I posted the message because I wanted some people to be aware of how fortunate they are and to be grateful for what they have. I grew up in poverty, so the life I live right now isn't so different or new to me. I was raised by a single mother of four children. My mother, who didn't work very often, raised us on County Welfare and Food Stamps. We often lived in apartments that were roach infested, as well as in bad neighborhoods. When I was young, I concentrated on school and homework because I wanted a better life. Unfortunately, around the age of sixteen I started getting sick. The first symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia reared their ugly head. I had to take my GED to finish high school, but that didn't stop me from wanting a better life. By the age of eighteen, I was really sick, but I had a part time job, as well as, going to school full time. I did all this without medication because I had no health insurance. I knew deep down I had to get a well paying job, in order to get healthcare benefits that would be able to pay for the medication I truly needed. I wanted to see a professional doctor, but was in no position to do so. After years of trying, I eventually got a well paying job and health benefits. I was finally in a position to see a psychiatrist and get diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. However, it didn't last long because my illness eventually got worse and I had to go on disability. My dream of having a well paying job and being in a position to seek help for my Paranoid Schizophrenia was lost. Ten years later, I'm where I am now. I'm trying my best to support myself. Only now I have a son, who I need to support financially as well. Before you judge me on having a son in my condition, you need to read the story on how my son came into my life. Right now, I'm barely surviving and I feel like I'm letting my son down because he deserves a lot more than I can currently give him. Deep down, I want to get back on my feet and do my best to get another good paying job. It's a dream I have had for some time. However, I don't know if I have it in me to accomplish this goal. It would be a difficult road because I could fail and then I would be in a position where I had no job or disability income. Having no family because of a terrible past incident, I have this fear I could end up on the streets and lose my son.

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