Thursday, September 29, 2016

Brief encounters with the unknown.

Today was a lot like yesterday, when it comes to the strange. You see, I started off this morning with a scare. While on my way to drop off my son at school, the car in front of me slammed on its brakes. I had to make a quick stop myself, in order to avoid crashing into the car. The odd thing was that the car slammed on its brakes for no apparent reason. The car just stayed there without motion, for about a minute, then put on its blinker to enter another lane. My five year old son said in loud voice, "That lady has issues!" It was lady, and I had to agree with my son.

After I dropped off my son at school, I went to the supermarket. As I entered an aisle in the store, a lady stopped in front of me and gasped, while holding her chest. I thought it was odd, but as I walked further down the aisle, I noticed she was talking to herself. She kept on saying, "Okay...Okay...Okay." As I continued to shop, I ran into the same lady in another part of the store. As I passed bye her this time, she grabbed her heart with both hands, and started to breathe heavily. It was, as if she thought I was following her throughout the store. Firstly, she looked like my grandma. Secondly, I didn't find her attractive, and that's being nice. Unfortunately, when she tells her side of the story, it will come out a lot different. I can only imagine her telling her family and friends that some young guy was following her around the supermarket. Stalking her because she was so beautiful and I had to have her!!!???

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