Friday, September 23, 2016

A brief history of my troubled childhood and subsequent sexual assault.

I grew up the son of a single mother who had four children, by three different fathers. I really never knew my father. He left my mother when I was just a baby. It was me and my older sister for awhile, as my mother struggled to support our impoverished family. All I knew about surviving was welfare and food stamps. My mother had a succession of boyfriends afterwards, as well as two more husbands. My first step dad was an unemployed heroin addict, who struggled staying clean. I can remember when I was five years old and my step dad brandish a gun, while in his bedroom. He said he was going to kill himself. I was child and I certainly had little idea of what was really going on. My mom eventually left him. After that, my mom had a number of boyfriends. Some of these boyfriends ended up living with us. One in particular use to cuss at me for no reason. He would often make fun of my looks and stripped me of all my confidence. He usually did this behind my mother's back, so she was clueless. I remember the night he grabbed me by my hair, while dragging me into my bedroom because I was laughing too loud at a movie we were watching, in the living room. My mom told me to be quiet, but I was a stubborn thirteen year old. I can remember, as he dragged me into my room by pulling my hair. He cussed and laughed at me. And just before he let go of my hair, he kicked me in the ass. I sat there crying in my room all night. I couldn't believe my mother let a boyfriend do that to me. Eventually my mom got pregnant with my younger brother, followed by my younger sister, by two different boyfriends. I believed she got pregnant on purpose because it allowed her to receive more welfare benefits and food stamps. After a few years, my mom found a guy, who was an abusive alcoholic. She married him, and he became the step dad that would eventually sexually assault me. An experience I've blogged about in the past. He would be the one who would in effect, have my family turn against me. This has pretty much destroyed my existence, and left me alone in the world. I made the following video and put it up on YouTube because I wanted to share my story.

Also, I had hoped it would possibly move someone or some individuals to help me out financially. Unfortunately, it hasn't but I'm still hoping that there might be people out there who could help. I know there are a great deal of people who have it worse than I do, and they should receive help before I do. However, I'm holding out for a miracle.

When I was younger, I use to have this strong feeling that I was living a nightmare. A nightmare that perhaps was induced by a coma. I imagined my real mother was at my bedside at a hospital. She looked just like my mom in this dream, but my real mom was a sweet and loving women. She would hold my hand and pray to God that her son would wake from his coma. She loved me so much!

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