Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Today was filled with awkward moments.

You never know where the day will take you, or what life has in store for you. Today has been a series of awkward moments, so far. When I took my son to school this morning, I think I offended an elderly lady who happened to be walking pass my son and I. I know that sounds weird, but I'll explain. I often arrive at my son's school fifteen minutes early, just in case I have car trouble. We sit in front of school, while my son play's on his tablet. The game he was playing this morning was Buddyman 2. It's funny a game, where you slap and poke this character for points, as he occasionally says funny things out loud. While were sitting down, and as the older lady walked bye, the character in the game said out loud, "You got issues!" This made the lady stop, while she gave me and my son a dirty look. I felt like telling her, "It's just a game on his tablet." However, she wasn't amused. She actually believed my son, or myself go around mocking elderly women.

Later, I went to lunch at Panda Express. It's been awhile since I had Chinese food, and I had some extra money. As I ordered my food from the lady behind the counter, she was making suggestions on what I should buy. However, I couldn't fully understand what she was saying because she had a very strong Asian accent. When I'm usually faced with this predicament, I often say nothing and just nod my head in agreement. For all I know, I could be agreeing to purchase a hundred egg rolls! When I was about to pay for my food, the lady said something I couldn't fully understand, once again. However, I caught the end of what she was saying. She wanted to know if I wanted to donate a dollar to help children? Being short on cash, I said, "No thank you." Then she said in a loud voice and strong accent, "You no want to help kids!!!???" Again she continued in a loud voice, so everyone was able to hear, in the entire restaurant, "You no want to help kids!!!???" I was so embarrassed! Looking back, I should have just yelled out, "No, I don't want to help the kids!!!

First, I don't question elderly ladies about their personal problems. Secondly, I do want to help the kids! Such is life, I suppose.

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