Saturday, February 11, 2017

Happy birthday to me.

I woke up early today. I had trouble sleeping last night mainly because of stress. My son has been battling a cold and running nose for about a week now. He's finally getting a little better, so I'm very thankful. The main reason I got up early this morning was to go to the grocery store and purchase one of the mini cakes they sell. It's my birthday, so I wanted to buy one for tonight. I love when my son sings happy birthday to me. He's such an adorable kid and I love him so much. I have my son for the entire weekend, so I have to a lot of energy because even those he's still sick, he has so much energy. I play action figures with him, build forts, and video games non stop. I know I shouldn't be such a push over, but right he's all I have in this world. In other much depressing news, my car's transmission continues to leak. I'm guessing it isn't from the pan. I'm pretty sure the location of the leak is from a seal, which means a great deal of money for a repair. The repair would cost more than the cars worth, so I don't know? I have to keep an eye on the transmission fluid level. I wish I had a better car, but I don't see that happening in the near future. When I was out and about this morning, I noticed an old man walking his little dog. The dog was so small and kept acting like it was going to attack me. The entire experience made me smile. Happy birthday to me.

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