Friday, February 10, 2017

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I can dream.

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. Another year of barely surviving, yet I've come to the realization that maybe this is my lot in life. I do have dreams and my ambition to turn my life around hasn't completely gone away. Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to last another year? My relationship with my son is everything to me, but if I can't afford to live on my own, I could lose to most important person in my life. I have to get back in shape mentally and psychically, but it's so difficult with my illness (Paranoid Schizophrenia). Deep down, I know I can't beat this and maybe I can return to college and get a job that will keep me out of poverty. However, I know I need help and for everything to align the right way, in order for me to succeed. My car is currently leaking a great deal of transmission fluid. If I lose my car, I might lose my visits with my son. The amount of stress from this alone has me struggling with my anxiety. Stress is a killer for me because it brings on the bad symptoms of my illness. I know that there are a lot of people who have it worse than me, and I'm grateful for what little I have. I don't mind eating food I buy from The Dollar Tree and not having bought any pants, shorts, or shoes in over seven years. It's my son that I think about and I can't tell you how many nights I cry because I can't give my son everything he deserves. I feel selfish for doing this, but I made a list of items (A Wish List) on Amazon. It's my hope that someone or a few people have it in their means to help me out. More than anything, I wish I was able to afford a mattress because the inflatable bed my son and I share is losing air and I have to pump air into the valve several times a night. The other items on the Wish List are just dream items, but it doesn't hurt to list, well... just my pride. If you can help in anyway, I would really appreciate it and I would never bother you, I promise. I've had links to a PayPal account and a Gofundme listing for quite a long time. The main reason I put it on my page is I know my car will die soon. I need a used car soooo bad, but I have so little money. I feel ashamed to write about this, but tomorrow is my birthday, so I can dream.

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Please GoFundMe... In Need of Purchasing a Dependable Used Car, so I can visit my son regularly. Any amount would help and I'll be forever grateful.  Or you can send funds thru Paypal at my email Please read my story, as to why I need help. Thank You So Very Much!!!!

My dying car...